When you're ready to move forward with your case...

Our Process

Submit Questionnaire

Fill out our straight- forward online questionnaire It will take you from 5 to 20 minutes, depending on your situation.

Sign Paperwork

Mr. Calder will then draft all your paperwork and email it to you usually the next day. You and your spouse then sign it and return it to us for filing with the court.

Without Children

If you don't have children, in most cases that's it...you're done. * In 90 days you will receive a final decree in the mail. No court appearance required!

With Children

If you have children, you will need to show up in court for two easy meetings, and attend a 4 hr parenting seminar... that's it. You will receive your final decree at the second meeting.

Our Prices

Cases without Children

Cases with Children

†Your case must be uncontested, and the court's filing fee (presently $230) is not included. Extras such as Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, deeds, cases involving atypical complexity (ie: large asset cases, businesses etc.) are subject to additional charges determined on a case-by-case basis.


  • Simple, straight forward pricing

  • Excellent value, considering what you get for your money

  • Local & trustworthy


We will prepare your documents so that they will be acceptable to the court, period.

We screen your case before we ever accept your payment to make sure that your agreement terms will meet the court's criteria. If there is a problem we will bring it to your attention and help you rectify it. If it cannot be rectified and there is just no way to draft your paperwork in conformity with theGuaranteed court's requirements, your card will not be charged in the first place.

In the unlikely event that the court rejects your agreement for a cause attributable to us, we will correct it - and if we can't correct it...we will give you a full refund...because we stand behind our work...and you know where you can reach us if you need to.

* Those of you who live in El Paso County, unfortunately, you are required to attend a short "orientation" meeting at the courthouse even if you don't have children.